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‘Their dreams on your canvas’ ! (Dil Ke Ameer 2.0)

Dear Partner, Around a year back, IDFC MF launched Dil Ke Ameer…a riveting interactive experience to ‘visualize your dreams and motivate you to make them a reality ’! In case you haven’t experienced it, we strongly urge you to click the link below to experience Dil Ke...

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Money Wisdom – I See No ‘Wrong’! : Confirmation Bias

Suresh recently bought the shares of ‘Super Bank’. He mentioned his personal solid research which had convinced him that this was the Bank stock or in fact any stock to buy. After buying its stock, he loved discussing about the stock with other investors who...

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S&P BSE 200 Index : The Mystery Of The Disappearing Earnings

Over the past few years, in the midst of the ‘stock market rally’, market participants are pondering over the earnings picture. Some are hopeful, some sceptical, some worried… The Equity Desk of IDFC MF is out with its latest note with a title as interesting as...

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The ‘Idiot’ Returns With An Eye Opening Message!

Shantiprasad Dwarkanath Bhargava, or ‘One Idiot’ (for the initiated) is back with a more specific and vital message this time. This time he wants to open our ‘blind eye’ around an area of our financial lives which is perilously ignored in the mania of ‘youth...

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Money Wisdom – ‘Nothing Lasts Forever!’: Induction Bias

Nassim Taleb had coined an ‘eerie’ story about a goose who thought great treatment will last forever. However, we would like to share a very ‘simplistic’ story to explain Induction bias. Vijay was standing on the bus-stand. He waits for 10 minutes, the bus does not...

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Purposeful Technology!

Technology is not an end, but means to an end. Technology, even in the financial industry, makes a true impact when it aids convenience, ease and empowerment. The IDFC MF Team strives to incorporate technological innovations with the same intent and sensitivities. Over the past 6...

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