Why Connect?


A complete Mutual Fund is one which not only provides a variety of funds to invest into, but can aid in providing their distribution partners with innovative solutions to constantly and constructively engage with their clients, help build vital competencies and regularly feed them with updates, perspectives, insights & information.

With this motivation in mind, we intend to deliver value addition through our blog, Connect
The blog will broadly have 3 sections:

1. Client Engagement Ideas – We will help you with innovative ideas in not only adding new customers but also deepening the bond with your existing customers

2. Learning Briefcase – This is a bag full of tools that may enhance your advisory skills via domain knowledge, behavioural finance or sales & marketing solutions

3. Fund House Diaries – This section will throw some light on our in-house perspectives, views & investment propositions.
Through this blog, we hope to regularly update you with engaging content that’s useful for self-development and for growing your business.